Anna Jensen

The digital projection has been particularly important for the last 10 years. Business leaders are starting to prioritise digital working methods rather than the more traditional. This is seen in some industries more closely than others. For example, the legal sector has begun to focus more on completing documents online, which make it easier for both parties. However, the industry where the digital has been given the most significant role is marketing.

Online marketing, especially Facebook advertising, has become the way to many companies. Below we will go into the depths of why Facebook is an ideal medium to advertise and how to most effectively do it.

Why Facebook?

In 2016, 85% of all Americans were able to call themselves active users of Facebook. This means that hundreds of million of people all check Facebook at least once a week. However, there are many in this group who are on Facebook far more than this. The point is therefore that it is a platform where advertising is possible to hit a really wide crowd of people.

The ads on Facebook are embedded in news feed so that it doesn’t look like spam, but instead a post that a friend could have shared. So when Facebook users scroll their feed through, they will meet the ads in a natural way and give themselves time to get to know what it says.

Always use retargeting

There are many ways to make these ads relevant to the users they are shown to. The most classic way that all Facebook advertisers should consider taking advantage of is retargeting. Retargeting means creating an ad that will automatically be shown to users who have visited a company’s website. For example, a company specialising in wireless headsets will be able to display an ad of these headsets on Facebook to anyone who has visited them.

Retargeting is an incredibly effective way to take advantage of as an advertiser on Facebook, since the users that you show their ad to have already shown interest in one’s business and can therefore be considered as hot leads. To make your ads even more specific to the users they are shown to, you can also use dynamic retargeting. This means that Facebook automatically displays dynamically-bothered ads of exactly the products that users have been visiting.

To address the previous example, this means that if a user visits one particular headset on a product page, they’ll see an ad with that exact headset in their Facebook feed. However, you must have a webshop to be able to use dynamic retargeting. For example, if you want to market a website that makes a cabinet review, the absence of product pages will not be able to advertise with dynamic retargeting. However, General retargeting will still be completely optimal in this case.

Create relevant audiences

Another extremely positive example of Facebook advertising is the fact that there are so many specific information about users using the media. This information is nothing less than a gift to advertisers, since you can use them to target audiences for their ads that are perfectly consistent with the customer segment you want to hit.

There are many different combinations of information that you can mix together to create the target group that you think will be the best in relation to the product you are selling. The most important thing, however, is to put yourself in the customer’s perspective and imagine, taking the person’s selected information into account, whether he or she will find the relevant ad relevant. This is a good way to find out if the target audience is right.

This way of advertising is called push advertising, since it attempts to push its concept into the world and create the needs of the relevant people. The people who are in their target group are most likely not familiar with the company in advance, which is why this should be planted. It is therefore important that you work with different messages and use a lot of tests to find out what works best.

The above is very general and there is much more behind Facebook advertising than what is elucidated. The possibilities on this advertising platform are many, so there are many different strategies for how to achieve success. However, the above will serve as a good foundation for success with Facebook advertising.

Anna Jensen

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