Anna Jensen

The amount of American businesses going all-in on e-Commerce has never been higher, and more are joing the fray every day. It’s smart, fast, practical and often a little cheaper than shopping in the physical stores, and you’ll also have the opportunity to get rid of the long queues in the shops at rush hour.

Through e-Commerce it has become possible to order everything from groceries, clothes and furniture to tooling at any time of day home to your doorstep. E-commerce therefore contributes to making the busy life a little easier.

If you own a business, or simply think the development of ecommerce for business is interesting, then you have come to the right place. The digitisation of the traditional way of acting has a great many benefits that large parts of the American  population benefit from.

As e-Commerce is in high growth, it is important to remember that it also places great demands on the various companies that must be able to keep up with the technological developments in society.

A growing company must be able to handle daily large amounts of customer data and personal information, and in particular the use of artificial intelligence plays a major role. Customers’ experiences on different online stores are today through various programs personalized. Good customer experiences are therefore essential for companies – it applies to both the buying experience and the actual payment of a customer’s goods.

What is important when creating a webshop?

A good and manageable webshop is both for the benefit of the customer and the company. Therefore, one of the first steps to creating a webshop is to choose and create a webshop system that helps with, among other things. Order handling and sale of goods. In addition, these systems allow a company to manage everything from design to secure storage of your own data and personal customer information.

Such systems have basically the same purpose, but different approaches, where it is important for a company to choose a system that suits its specific preferences and needs. Examples of two popular and flexible platforms where companies often create themselves in a webshop system are WooCommerce, Prestashop and Magento.

When a business is created in a webshop system, the next step for a company is often to have control over the choice of payment solution, which has to be integrated into the web shop, and must be able to work with the chosen webshop system.

There are a multitude of options when it comes to provider payment solutions including smsbetaling etc. In addition, the choice of a payment solution must be in line with the means of payment that customers typically prefer. In this way, the customer’s buying experience is also strengthened, and this is more personalised.

We hope that with this article you are inspired by the choice of webshop systems and payment solutions, or have been given an insight into why e-Commerce is of great importance to business.

Anna Jensen

Since Anna was able to write, she's been filling pages with words of all sorts. From romantic novels, to thrilling crimebooks, she's written it all. Her professional carreer as a copywriter also means she's been researching and writing about a variety of business related topics.