Anna Jensen

Most people have probably gotten their eyes to the fact that the computer can give us a lot of good tools. Sometimes, for example, it might seem like we think with the computer — it can be quite difficult to get to the right result if we don’t have a computer to be able to collaborate with, but it might seem a bit creepy when you think about it.

A computer is also an attacker’s tool

Where the computer can be part of destruction is when it is being used by an attacker. The only one who gets something “good” out of it is the hacker himself, who probably gets gathered some private data that he or she then uses to make money.

This is therefore not at all beneficial to us people who, on a daily basis, fear an attack on our personal data from an attacker. This means that in this case a computer does not immediately seem to be a positive invention. Nor will the computer appear to be a positive invention when it is in the hands of a hacker, but there are many other cases where it can be of help in the right way.

It’s also a development that we cannot bypass or ignore. And just as scary as it may seem, just as good a thing it is, so we should not be so sorry, because your computer can help you do some amazing things with us, as long as we use it right. There are many thoughts that would not be complete at all if it weren’t because we had the computer to support them up along the way.

We gather knowledg e with the computer like never before

One thing we have basically all in common with a hacker: we use the computer to gather knowledge. However, there is a difference between how this is done. An attacker collects knowledge about private data that is very illegal. We are probably using the computer to learn some questions that we cannot answer ourselves. Perhaps it is a student who cannot quite understand what is in the curriculum books and therefore needs to get the information elaborated on the Internet.

It may also be a mother who does not know what she should be doing for dinner, and therefore she must apply for recipes to find some inspiration. Another case may be one that has got damaged his car and just want to know what a auto insurance covers. Using your computer can easily be completely harmless. It is not only harmless, it is also extremely beneficial, because in this way you can become much wiser on what you are unsure about.

Therefore, do not look at the computer as a bad thing for man, which only creates insecurity. Because it can do just as much to give you a safer everyday life when you are unsure about something. In most cases, this is also what your computer is used for.

Anna Jensen

Since Anna was able to write, she's been filling pages with words of all sorts. From romantic novels, to thrilling crimebooks, she's written it all. Her professional carreer as a copywriter also means she's been researching and writing about a variety of business related topics.