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In 2017, the Americans were yet again active consumers when it came to e-Commerce. Since 2013, the American field of e-commerce has risen by 78%, which is said to be a very satisfactory figure for the US stores. The increasingly important interest in online trade was particularly evident on 24 November, officially known as Black Friday.

Why e-commerce?

There are several reasons why US consumers are increasingly shopping online. 69 percent do it because they think it’s time-saving and easy, while 55 percent looking for lower prices. 38 percent believe that there is a wider range and that the products being searched can always be found online.

Online Shopping

According to US statistics, 143.4 million Americans between the age of 16 and 80 years buy goods or services on the Internet. When American consumers start shopping, they typically end up shopping 3/4 times a month.

Travel-related products such as train, bus and air tickets, as well as hotel accommodation, are mainly used by the Danes. In addition, Danes are buying increasingly happy more physical products as well as services online. These two categories have had the biggest growth rate since 2016 at 35 and 34 percent respectively.

Due to this increasing use of e-commerce, it is no surprise that Black Friday in 2017 again hit record in physical stores and online. Total spending was USD 12.1 billion, an increase of almost six percent compared to 2016.

According to Times Business, 13.6 percent of all trades on Black Friday in 2017 were completed online. This is a significant increase as, according to TLO, 46% more completed transactions were experienced online compared to Black Friday in 2016. For this reason, Black Friday 2017 has so far been the best week ever in American  e-commerce.

Men vs. women as online consumers

When you look at who it really is that is contributing to this marked increase in e-commerce, it is both men and women – typically aged 13-47 years. For The age group above, the figures are beginning to fall, but it does indicate that an increasing proportion of older people are also using e-commerce.

Families with young children are the most common category on the Internet, whereas families without children, as well as retired people, are acting at least a month on the Internet. In addition, women act more often online, but men spend a larger amount when they are trading.

The average US consumer’s shopping budget is spent on airline tickets and hotels, among other things. At the same time, many people prefer to use mobile when buying clothes, shoes and accessories or other things on the web. At the same time, surveys show that many consumers have interrupted a purchase online because it was too cumbersome. This indicates that American consumers have become more aware when shopping online.


Anna Jensen

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